Friday, February 17, 2012

Diet Friendly Pasta

This is not so much a recipe as instructions to put together a meal I like. It doesn't taste like white pasta, but it still tastes good (to me anyway). I don't miss white pasta at all when I eat this. And it is a filling serving size.

PC Blue Menu whole grain pasta - 270 cals per serving (75g) and lots of fibre!
Classico Tomato and Basil pasta sauce - 50 cals per half cup
Grated Parmesan cheese - 1 tbsp 50 cal (optional)

I do not believe that carbs are the enemy. To me the point of dieting is to learn how to portion control and eat healthy for the rest of your life. Cutting out 100% of carbs (or any big part of a food group) for the rest of your life isn't possible (you couldn't even eat carrots!), so it seems silly to have such huge restrictions on a diet. How about cutting out things it is possible to live without, such as dessert and booze?

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