Thursday, August 23, 2012

Come Back!

Hey Guys !

Rob and I started a new challenge.. come on over to read more!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello all! Lisa here in the blue again. Time for our after photos to see how well the challenge worked for us! Hard work, you better have paid off! 

Hello Challenge Friends and Friendly Blog Followers!!! We are done!!!! Ok, fine, we've been done for a while but it takes some time to actually get around to posting AFTER pictures.  "Why?" you ask.  Shouldn't we want to get them online as soon as humanly possible?  To show off our new and beautiful bodies?  Well, yes, true, but dear internet friends, it's hard to find time to argue with Blogger (those pictures need to be side by side.... damn you Blogger!!) when we're so busy following our new fitness routines.

After: minus some pudge, add hair volume and a smile!

Before: Nothing to sneeze at but toning would help        After: Happier, healthier and a few more abs.

Before: This is my good angle, not much to complain about. After: hmmm... gotta be less pudge somewhere...

Before: Oh hello Lovies.  I see you bulging out of my shorts.  After:  Lovies? Loooovies?  Where did you go?

 A little bit flatter!

My most hated angle - glad that some of the belly pudge is gone! Jillian's Six Weeks Sixpack should help me get rid of the rest! Good to see the overhang much depleted!

When I'm looking down from above my stomach appears unchanged.  But, the camera doesn't lie! It looks so much better!  Still wrinkle-y but better!

Yay, you can really see improvement here! I swear Jillian loves to make me hunch just so I feel all flabby looking down!


 To be honest, I couldn't tell which was the before and which was the after pic and had to look up the dates. Oh well, Sixpack will help me!

I am convinced that four babies have ensured that gravity will cause my skin to hang.  Considering I am not forced into the angle for often (unless Jillian says something about plank.....) I'm not overly concerned.

Definitely a smaller pudge grab! More toning with biking and Jillian will get rid of the rest of the Thunderthighs!

Mwah ha!! Problem area reduced!! I am so proud!!


 Fat? What fat? That's all skin baby!!! My stomach makes me the most proud.  Oh Abs, how I love thee.

So I practiced this pose in front of the mirror a bunch of times, using lots of modelling tricks to get the most flattering angle possible. I think it turned out pretty good! I love the definition in my arms and everything else looks so thin! Thank you challenge for making me feel sexy!

I have to be honest, Lisa coached me on my pose.  I am so please with my success.  Dude.  I've had four babies.  And I have abs.  Never in a million years after the twins were born did I think this was possible.  I can't even begin to tell you what it means to feel good in my body.  To be feel strong and sexy and athletic.


Week 14 1/2 - End of Challenge Weigh-in

Well, now that the challenge is over, this is the final weigh-in and exercise post! The last week and a half wasn't as intense as I would have liked (sprint to the finish line type thing) due to mourning the passing of my cat and then getting sick for four days, but it is what it is.

Week 13's weigh-in: 132.7lbs.
This week's weigh-in: 131.8lbs
Not quite back to my 130lb goal, but I'm motivated to work really hard so I can celebrate for realzies at my birthday and KEEP IT OFF during bikini season! My camping pics in August better be smokin'!


Tues: Six Weeks Sixpack, 17km biking, rock climbing
Wed: Sixpack, 17km biking, weights
Thurs: 19km biking, rock climbing
Sat: Killer Buns & Thighs, Sixpack
Wed: Killer
Thurs: Killer (level 2!), Sixpack
And today I will be doing around 21km of biking.

Overall I am really glad to have done the challenge, and although keeping the food menu on the right track is still a struggle, I'm really glad the exercise routine has stuck so well. Now I actually kinda look forward to Jillian, even though as she says, I pretty much hate her but love her results :P It's going to be weird to no longer need to track exercise or post weigh-ins.

See you ladies (and Scott!) for our celebratory lunch on Sunday! It's been a blast!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yey I did it! Although I did weigh myself at work.

Next steps lose lots more weight!

See you soon

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The never ending last pound!

I really shouldn't complain about still being at the same weight after Hawaii. Well that isn't quite true because I had a gain of 6lbs after 4 days of beaching. 6lbs in 4 days...I drank a lot of alcohol and had delicious costco muffins but really that much. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the only liquid I was consuming was booze and it was a far cry from the 4L I normally down. Not to mention the sunscreen failure I had on the last day caused widespread edema where I couldn't fit into my shoes let alone walk for a few days. After two days happily I went down 3lbs, then another, then another then back to my pre-Hawaii weight. I am pretty happy yet worried because I have a week left.

I started this new eating plan which now bumps up my protein to 40%. What has it taught me, I hate chicken breast and I might have some mercury poisoning in my future.

On the ankle front, the MRI result were worse than expected and as I result I had to endure a painful cortisone injection which resulted in walking issues for a few days. This is pretty odd considering that the last time I got one it was amazing and all the pain went away. Basically if it doesn't get better by June 1st, my third surgery will be taking place soon. Joy! On a positive note, it will be post challenge!

I also hit over the 150 workouts, I'll give you a number at the end.

One pound to go.......

Back in the Saddle! Or shoes! Or Whatever...

The point is I can exercise again!

After injuring my thumb, I was under the false, though optimistic impression I would be out for the 5 days they said not to use it at all, and back to normal by Day 10 when the stitches came out.

Yeah. Not so much. The stitches did come out and then the wound promptly fell open. Yuck and also, Wah! I did not realize how much I use my thumb until it was out of commission.

After two weeks of complete help and almost total resting it, I finally ran yesterday! It hurt when I got back and the top part popped open again. SO today I ran slow and short. But it still felt good to get out and exercise. It had become such a part of my routine that it was frustrating to drop it for awhile. I was so worried I would lose ground on my fitness level. I think that will be inevitable, but I have been able to do the non-hand related 30DS exercises a few times. So basically every move from all three levels involving legs and abs. Those are my trouble areas so really, there is not much to complain about.

Being injured has given me a new appreciation for my able body. One small cut on my thumb, and I was completely without my dominant hand. It is really awful to imagine what it would be like for people who are without a limb for life.  What an adjustment it must be.

 I am so glad it should be healed up soon, and I will be able to continue training for the 10k run in October!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 12 & 13 Weigh-in and Exercise

So I meant to post last week but put it off because...

Week 12 weigh-in: 134.3lbs

I was (and still am) embarrassed and ashamed to admit it, and mostly just angry and frustrated at myself for gaining back half of what I lost during the challenge in just two weeks. I had kept up a decent amount of exercise during the week...

Mon: Jillian's Six Weeks Sixpack
Tues: Killer Buns & Thighs, weights, and rock climbing
Wed: Killer and weights
Thurs: rock climbing
Fri: Killer
Sat: 4.76km elliptical
Sun: 17km biking

...(and it's hard to tell which burns more calories, 35-40min of Jillian or 40 min elliptical) but after all my talk about continuing to eat healthy, I really let myself go.

The worst part is it hardly ever felt like I was pigging out. There were some days where I had two desserts or a bunch of booze or felt really full and knew I'd eaten too much, but most of it was just too many bad choices in a row - fries instead of veggies, going out for pub food instead of eating at home, picking the creamy soup instead of the brothy one.

Looking back, I realize I've never actively tried to maintain my weight before. I've always come close to my diet goal, gotten lazy or frustrated and half-dieted for a while, causing a plateau for a few weeks before getting into really bad habits and gaining weight again. Now I know that when I hit my goal, I have to really work hard at maintaining my weight, and learn how to do it right.

After that weigh-in was a slap in the face, I decided to go back on the diet. It's so frustrating that by the time I fully accepted I'd hit my goal (and made a big post about success), I wasn't there anymore! Since my calories on a diet are already pretty low, I decided to double my exercise as many days as possible to try and shed the re-gained weight fast so I don't have to diet much into the summer.

Mon: rock climbing
Tues: Killer, Sixpack, and weights
Wed: 17km biking and weights
Thurs: Sixpack, 17km biking, rock climbing
Fri: 17km biking, Sixpack
Sat: Sixpack

And my week 13 weigh-in was: 132.7lbs. Down 1.6lbs. Good. I think I am on the right track.

I also bought a bathroom scale so that on the days I am too lazy or don't have enough time to do my weight on the Wii, I can still do a quick check to keep myself in-line. Hopefully next week will also have good results.