Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle! Or shoes! Or Whatever...

The point is I can exercise again!

After injuring my thumb, I was under the false, though optimistic impression I would be out for the 5 days they said not to use it at all, and back to normal by Day 10 when the stitches came out.

Yeah. Not so much. The stitches did come out and then the wound promptly fell open. Yuck and also, Wah! I did not realize how much I use my thumb until it was out of commission.

After two weeks of complete help and almost total resting it, I finally ran yesterday! It hurt when I got back and the top part popped open again. SO today I ran slow and short. But it still felt good to get out and exercise. It had become such a part of my routine that it was frustrating to drop it for awhile. I was so worried I would lose ground on my fitness level. I think that will be inevitable, but I have been able to do the non-hand related 30DS exercises a few times. So basically every move from all three levels involving legs and abs. Those are my trouble areas so really, there is not much to complain about.

Being injured has given me a new appreciation for my able body. One small cut on my thumb, and I was completely without my dominant hand. It is really awful to imagine what it would be like for people who are without a limb for life.  What an adjustment it must be.

 I am so glad it should be healed up soon, and I will be able to continue training for the 10k run in October!


  1. Glad to see you get back to running. An injury is never fun. I broke my arm many years ago and it was a challenge but as a bonus I learnt how to type with one hand quite well. Now I can eat and type!

    10K in October sounds like a great goal. Look at the Swanson running family.

  2. Ouch, reopening the wound sounds not fun! Glad you are getting back to running and doing parts of Jillian! Yay dedication!

    Hopefully you will be fully recovered soon. Good luck training for the 10k!