Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The never ending last pound!

I really shouldn't complain about still being at the same weight after Hawaii. Well that isn't quite true because I had a gain of 6lbs after 4 days of beaching. 6lbs in 4 days...I drank a lot of alcohol and had delicious costco muffins but really that much. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the only liquid I was consuming was booze and it was a far cry from the 4L I normally down. Not to mention the sunscreen failure I had on the last day caused widespread edema where I couldn't fit into my shoes let alone walk for a few days. After two days happily I went down 3lbs, then another, then another then back to my pre-Hawaii weight. I am pretty happy yet worried because I have a week left.

I started this new eating plan which now bumps up my protein to 40%. What has it taught me, I hate chicken breast and I might have some mercury poisoning in my future.

On the ankle front, the MRI result were worse than expected and as I result I had to endure a painful cortisone injection which resulted in walking issues for a few days. This is pretty odd considering that the last time I got one it was amazing and all the pain went away. Basically if it doesn't get better by June 1st, my third surgery will be taking place soon. Joy! On a positive note, it will be post challenge!

I also hit over the 150 workouts, I'll give you a number at the end.

One pound to go.......


  1. Wow, that's quite a scare from Hawaii, but yay for actually sustaining your weight in the end! Vacations are a killer for me - I gained 7lbs for realzies when we went on a cruise!

    Protein is no fun. Why can't better foods have more protein? I've been eating so many eggs and downing a lot of shakes to keep up. Luckily I like chicken breast!

    Hopefully you won't have to have another surgery. So sorry your ankle is having a slow recovery. Fingers crossed you heal quickly!

    You are so close to your goal! You can do it! Push to the very end! And awesome job getting in so very many workouts!

  2. I have been eating so much fish. It is such a delicious protein source but bad for the mercury, despite eating low level mercury fish.
    7lbs! yikes! I imagine the all you can eat would be a bad thing for me. I think my saving grace for Hawaii is that all I wanted to eat was booze and fish!

  3. I also have bought some egg whites and make a plan every day to eat them and never do! Boo to egg whites!

  4. I hate the last pound. So very much. You are thisclose to finishing and it's hardto care but you really just want to be done!!

    I had a similar experience with vacation weight gain last summer. I was up 5lbs after camping. Turns out drinking alcohol every night to some excess is not my best plan!! Three of the pounds dropped right off when I got home but the last two weren't pretty!

    Congrats on 150 workouts!! I am so impressed!!