Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 14 1/2 - End of Challenge Weigh-in

Well, now that the challenge is over, this is the final weigh-in and exercise post! The last week and a half wasn't as intense as I would have liked (sprint to the finish line type thing) due to mourning the passing of my cat and then getting sick for four days, but it is what it is.

Week 13's weigh-in: 132.7lbs.
This week's weigh-in: 131.8lbs
Not quite back to my 130lb goal, but I'm motivated to work really hard so I can celebrate for realzies at my birthday and KEEP IT OFF during bikini season! My camping pics in August better be smokin'!


Tues: Six Weeks Sixpack, 17km biking, rock climbing
Wed: Sixpack, 17km biking, weights
Thurs: 19km biking, rock climbing
Sat: Killer Buns & Thighs, Sixpack
Wed: Killer
Thurs: Killer (level 2!), Sixpack
And today I will be doing around 21km of biking.

Overall I am really glad to have done the challenge, and although keeping the food menu on the right track is still a struggle, I'm really glad the exercise routine has stuck so well. Now I actually kinda look forward to Jillian, even though as she says, I pretty much hate her but love her results :P It's going to be weird to no longer need to track exercise or post weigh-ins.

See you ladies (and Scott!) for our celebratory lunch on Sunday! It's been a blast!

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