Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mobile Apps

Here are some useful applications I have found to help with this challenge:

First of all.............
 ( not as nice as using a computer though, but good for simple composition or drafts.) 

While you are getting this google application, download the other components such as Google Sync (will sync up your blackberry contacts and calendar with your gmail..very helpful for switching phones, or if you need your contacts away from your phone) and Google Maps ( to help you not get lost).

 Blackberry Blogger Application 
Android Blogger Application
Iphone/Ipod/Ipad Blogger Application

Second of all.......................

The youngest sibling and I use.... My Fitness Pal application. It has determined how many calories we need to eat daily to lose a certain weight amount per week. My calories are 1550/day. It also has a bar code scanner so you can scan food boxes. With this tracker you log your food and submit it at the end of the day and it shows up in the 'newsfeed'. The little one even commented on my weight loss I updated today! <3 ( shes so sweet).  You can also put in your exercise too for to get a surplus of calories. Highly recommended.


Food Network Recipes App - Available for Android/Apple Mobile
ifood- Kraft app - Available for Apple Mobile

 For you Krista......  

Training Podcast:

Exercise Music: - Techno Sweat:

Just google it and you will find more!!


TV! MOVIES! Things we love, but that make us lazy. So bring the television with you! (make sure you are using Wifi, not your cell data...eek that could get pricey). I use these for when I am cooking. Just before bed etc. If I had a treadmill, I would use it there too!!

Heres the best of the TV/MOVIE world via mobile:

NetFlix - Android, Apple

Do you have any more good app suggestions??


  1. Wow, what a different world it must be when you have a phone that goes on the internet.

    Great suggestions! If only I could use them!

  2. You just blew my mind. Jillian seriously has a podcast?? I'm not sure I can handle any more Jillian..... !!! I am on it!! Ok, fine, I am waiting for Saturday when you can help me make it all go!!! Love you!!

  3. Its nice having a computer on the go that weighs virtually nothing. Then I only have to touch a computer for work and for assignments...I even do readings on it!

    The Jillian podcast is just a talk-show type podcast. Its called the 'Jillian Michael's Show'. She just talks about health stuff!

    I am glad Saturday did not happen...or us McMillan blooded ones would have been in serious trouble. Its something to think about...how things do not work out for a reason.

    But seriously...get the ' my fitness pal ' app to count calories and exercise. Lucy and I really like it.