Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not a New Year's Resolution. It's a Challenge, people!

This is the Great Weight Loss Challenge of 2012! This is how it works:

1. Goal weight is selected
2. Time line is agreed upon
3. Consequences are scary enough to keep everyone in line
4. Off we go!!!

The idea isn't to win or beat anyone else. The purpose of the challenge is to motivate the competitors. The consequences are dire enough to keep you from your favourite ice cream snack. The ideal outcome is for all of us to lose our weight.

For example, if the consequence is paying $100, if you don't hit your weight loss goal you must cough up $100 bucks. If the other people did hit their goals then they share your moneys and rejoice. If they didn't, they also cough up their big bucks and feel very sad. If no one meets their ideal weight the money goes straight to charity.

Here's the deal. There is myself (Everyday Superhero), one of my closest friends and my wonderfully hilarious cousin trying to get down to our goal weights. Finally. I don't know about the other two (actually I do, mostly) but I have NEVER hit my ideal weight. Well, not since I was morphing from child to adult, and seriously, it didn't really count.

To keep myself and the other girls in line we've firmed up the above criteria. Okay, fine, two of us have firmed up the criteria. I'll get right on sending that e-mail. As soon as I'm done here. Then I will post the facts of the challenge.

The secondary Keep You Honest plan is (obviously) this blog. All three of us can post. At the very least we will be posting our progress throughout the challenge. It can take any form (ie. For those of us who are hobos (you know who you are!) there might only be sporadic weight updates). Considering my ridiculous penchant for communication, I will be updating weekly (at least!) with my weight, probably a picture of my fat (or lack there of! Hopefully!) and much complaining about the exercise in which I am forced to partake. You have been warned!

Welcome to the challenge.

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  1. The best thing about this challenge is you are working with people, not against them. The support from friends really helps! It's much better when you hope everyone meets their goal, trying to help instead of sabotage! Challenge accepted!