Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 1: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting Weight: 133 lbs
Today's Weight: 136 lbs
Exercise: 40km running
6 days of Phase 1 of The 30 Day Shred

Dear Scale:

Bite me.

Love Krista

It always happens when I ramp-up my workouts. I gain weight. This is probably the 6th or 7th data point confirming this trend. Next week will be worse. I don't know why..... water retention? My body freaking right the f**k out because it thinks I have decided to starve myself? Muscle growth?

Bah. All I can say for sure is that it is incredibly discouraging. At the very least I am not altogether surprised considering my history, but still. I am hungry. I ran forty freaking kilometers in 7 days (which is about 4000 calories burnt. I'm just sayin'). Plus working out every day with Jillian.

It makes a girl think nice sweet thoughts about liposuction. So easy! So simple! Much less painful (ish)! Maybe if I spent all the time I spend running, exercising and preparing healthy meals working I could even afford it!!! Too bad I'm incredibly against plastic surgery for myself. If you want a boob job.... go right ahead! But for myself, I would be haunted by the shame of not being able to do it myself. The right way. The healthy way. The free way! Oh, right, and the way that saves me from heart disease.

The good news? (Hey, I'm optimistic by nature, there is always good news!) I am seeing the results of the exercise. My abs are more apparent, I can do.... wait for it..... 19 push-ups in a row (I know! And not the Woman Push-ups. Honest-to-goodness push-ups. For reference, I started last Tuesday at 12. So there Jillian! Huzzah!). I am running 10km for my "short" run in lieu of 7 or 8km.

I am stronger and faster. And, sadly, heavier.

Only 11 more pounds to my goal weight. Here I come. Kinda.


  1. I'm pretty sure your body is going, WTF are you doing to me? GAHHHH! I'm sure after two or three weeks it will settle down. You've seen this trend before, what happens after you're more used to the routine?

    Good job with the workouts! That's an awesome amount of running and kicking butt with Jillian. Can't wait to high five you over your abs!

  2. I just did level 1. Don't block my ip address if I admit I love the third set of strength exercises. Such a good stretch! The rest can bite me though. I am with you in spirit! I seriously doubt I will be able to lose these last stubborn 15 lbs with breastfeeding. Boo. But it doesn't hurt to start good habits ahead of time right?

  3. 40 km in a week ??? You crazy ! And it's all muscle gain ! <3