Thursday, March 22, 2012

The anti-workout

On Monday my left adenoid felt very store and when I had to swallow, daggers. Yesterday it migrated to the right...daggers and it felt like I could breathe fire. My insides were so hot but no fever. I managed a workout yesterday morning but that was all. Too sick and last day of company. This morning I slept a tonne to try and get better but now it has manifested into a full on sickness. Still no fever so I am going to attempt to workout this morning, go into work later (I was going to stay at home but I have to give an interview today, bleh). If I can work I can workout! We will see about the lunchtime and/or pm workout I might not have the strength. Sad thing is that when I get sick I never lose weight, I often gain it because I allow myself to eat more soup and Popsicles or gelato.  What did I do yesterday? Bought a pint of gelato because I knew I was going to be sick. Normally when I am home alone this is my time to shine. I have so many fun things planned and now I will be spending it sick and in bed. Booooooo.

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  1. That sucks! You can stay strong! Hope you feel better soon :)