Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Before" Pictures

Lisa here (in the blue). So, these are our starting shots, (although it would have been smarter to take them three or four weeks ago), but there is much more improvement yet to come! I realize now that toning is very important to me! When Jillian tells us to do jumping jacks, I really hate feeling all the loose skin and fat jiggling! The only thing that should jiggle is being held in by a bra!

Hello friends! This is Krista.  I invited Lisa to impromptu dinner which morphed into impromptu Being Tortured by my friend Jillian.  Once we were garbed in workout gear it seemed clever to take some "before" pictures (Thank you Breanna for the suggestion!).

The things I have (already) learned from the photos are:

a) My scary fat is not nearly as scary as I thought it was.  Hurrah!
b) Toning is also my friend.  Running is great, but working with the weights will probably make a huge difference.
c) Taking ridiculous pictures of your slightly imperfect body with your friend is hilarious! 
I heartily agree with this!

Front to start...



This is my most hated spot... I hate the overhang at the front of the pants! And the most comfortable low-rise jeans hit me right where it shows the most!
Is it wrong to hope that the out-jutting is caused by lunch? Or bloating?

This is what happens when Jillian tells you to lean forward and stretch!
Stomach issues compounded!
I swear this looks way worse when I'm looking down at it! It definitely looks worse than Jillian's!

This is what happens during push-ups and planks! Gah!

Evil target areas...
If only you could spot burn fat! My childhood nickname... Thunder-thighs!
I can't help thinking my stomach grab looks like a cinnamon donut.  That's probably because I'm hungry!

Hopefully by the end of the challenge there will be nothing but muscle tone underneath the skin we grab!

**Note: If you have to grab the fat to show people that you have fat, you don't really have fat.  It's similar to my current problem of "My fancy coffee maker is on the fritz and isn't making good foam! Wah!".  We get it. But in regards to the challenge it will be nice to have these pictures for reference.  The hard work will pay off and we will have proof!!!


  1. I started taking photos months ago to track the progress and then realized that I should probably have been wearing a bathing suit or something so I made that change a couple weeks ago. I originally thought it would be better to see everything change but then the downside is that I cant really show those pics!

    I also like to do the how much fat can I grab with my hand as a good measurement tool.

    1. If you really want to share them you can photoshop the black bars onto the "personal" areas!

  2. I tried to take pictures myself today in the bathroom of shame. It was not too successful! I will get Rob to help me tomorrow...

  3. You guys are brave. Maybe I will take a photo myself of now and ten on may 26 and keep them to myself the end of the challenge and then share ! ;)