Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Which I Post Revealing Photos of Myself

So here are my "before" shots. Please keep in mind the 10 month old I grew recently, and am still nursing 8-10 times a day. It really makes it hard to diet!

Clearly in need of some makeup - or sleep!

Many fries lost their lives to create such luscious love handles...

Side view of the recently retired baby baker...

Pushup. Gravity is not kind.

There is a washboard under all that laundry... somewhere!

My lovely lady lumps ;)

My hope for this challenge is that I will be able to turn self-loathing in to vanity. (Well, vanity in moderation of course!)

Some major toning and and jiggle reductions are in order. My bathroom has two full walls of mirrors. We call it the bathroom of shame. There is no hiding in there. It is good daily incentive to keep it up - even when I would rather lie down and watch T.V.


  1. Your pictures are no worse than mine and I did NOT have a baby 10 months ago. I shudder to think what my 10 months post-Henry would have looked like!

    I'm super excited to see everyone's after pictures!

  2. I hope I look that good after having a baby, even a year after! You Swansons have great post baby bodies where it looks like you never were pregnant! I know Krista takes offense when people tell her that she looks great for having 4 kids ;p but it is more like I can't believe you were ever pregnant! You ladies are setting some high expectations.

    PS I like your hair and te bangs look better on you than on me. I tossed mine to the side like a week later!

  3. You look like you're already well on your way to feeling good about yourself!

    Michelle is so right, I am often envious of the group's post-baby ladies' bodies. You do set the bar high!

    Good for you for not using breast feeding as an excuse to not join the challenge! You rock!