Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weigh in - No Change

Its been the third week weigh in , in a row. And no weight change. Ive noticed though on Fridays I am up a couple pounds more than on Mondays or Tuesdays when I record my weigh in. Its weird. Maybe it is water weight...I drink a lot more water at work than when studying or weekends.

However. I am trying to not be discouraged. I have been uping the healthy food intake. And pretty much everything I eat is made from scratch.

My muscles are way stronger and evident then they were before. I notice a difference every week. Should I be measuring inches rather than pounds? Should I purchase a scale that does the body fat percentage and go by that instead?

I bought a Jillian DVD!! I went to the yoga conference trade show on Sunday with Lucy, and bought a yoga for beginners for her and my roommate to use and a Jillian 30 day Shred. Kinda nervous to try!

My roommate and I tried the Yoga dvd yesterday ( I usually go to a class so it was weird) and it was nice to see her loving it...but finding it extremely hard like I did in the beginning. It really shows how I have come a long way since I started in July. I did not even break a sweat...and usually a class of regular yoga makes me sweat as if I was in hot yoga.

Maybe I will up my exercise to 5x1 hour per week and do different things like jogging in intervals?
What do you think?


  1. Adding more exercise as your body strengthens is a great idea. Your body will get into an exercise rut if you do the exact same things over and over - your muscles get used to it and your body gets super efficient at doing the work while burning as few calories as possible. Plus as your muscles grow you need to challenge them more.

    Good luck! Glad to see you're enjoying the exercise portion and seeing good results! You WILL make it past the plateau!

  2. Also, you should definitely measure inches. As Krista would say, having as much data as possible is always more rewarding. I have found that often when my weight hasn't changed, my inches have.

  3. I agree with Lisa. I actually take quite a few measurements and I have noticed that they have changed a lot while my weight stays the same. Some areas to measure are shoulders (get a friend to help with that), bust, waist, stomach, hips, thigh (I actually measure at 3 points because they change at different times), calf and arm. Also try and keep the place where you measure the circumference the same. Some of those body fat scales are not really that accurate because they measure the electrical conductivity and it really does very depending on how much water you have had to drink. Another idea is getting a set of calipers and measuring body fat that way. Most gyms also have a set and would be happy to provide that service.

    1. I think you are doing do great to keep it up. It sounds like you have an awesome attitude. I would def. measure inches, and try as many different types of activities so you can get a feel for what is challenging and also fun!

  4. The first time I did Jillian I had severe case of The Fall-ies and The Wobble-ies. My muscles were so unimpressed! Hopefully she offers you a good workout!

    I agree with the crew that switching up your exercise will help and measuring is a great idea. The more data the better!! There is also the whole fat vs muscle debate. I know for myself that I am as thin now as I was last fall when I weighed 2-3 pounds lighter but I am WAY stronger and my muscles are much more defined. I'm ok with putting on the muscle weight because I prefer the way my body looks.

    I am really proud of you for not getting discouraged. It would be really easy to throw your hands up in despair and turn to comfort food. You are doing a great job!