Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working on working out

Some news:

  1. Two of us have officially picked our goals.

  2. We have a fourth "contestant" (yes, that's right, contestant should be in quotation marks because we are truly on competing against ourselves/the scale.) My seriously sweet cousin!

  3. We are very close to sorting out the financial consequence of failure. E-mail me, people!

Once everything is finalized I will post a summary.

Now that that is out of the way..... what am I doing to get skinny?

Funny you should ask!

I have decided (among many other thinifying measures) to finally complete Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.

I have started and abandoned this dvd on a number of occasions. I have never even seen Phase Three because, dude, when you can't lift your arms after Phase 1, want to puke after skipping to Phase 2 because it haaaaaas to be easier. Anything is easier than Phase 1., Phase 3 is just too frightening to contemplate. Hells No.

Right, so after mustering all of my courage (read: stupidity) I decided that if I was finally going to give hitting my goal weight a go, I might as well go all the way down Dumb Lane.

Today was Day 3 of 30. The good news? I am able to lift my arms above my head again! Hurrah! The bad news? Oh. My. God. I still have 27 days of this hell. Also, my butt is KILLING me. I would have thought that running would have toned my tushy.... turns out no. I have sad. I tried sitting on the keyboard so that my rear could complain for itself but all that happened was a Great Mushing of The Keys that I'm pretty sure that only others butts could decipher. With that in mind I will translate.




My bum is pretty vocal. Just like the rest of me!

I would like to think that three days in I am getting stronger. It's really hard to say for sure. I am definitely starting to loathe Jillian. She and I have a very strange love/hate relationship. I hate her for 20 minutes a day when she is on my tv, I love her the other 23 hours and 40 minutes. She doesn't know I exist. I told you, strange.

If WHEN I get to Phase Two I will let you know! Also, if any of you are dumb enough willing, you are welcome to join me!!


  1. It is tempting... kinda. However, since I don't have the DVD and do already have workout stuff at home, I think I will hold off on having a personal relationship with Jillian at this time :)

  2. You could sneak in a random Jillian workout on Saturday.....earn yourself a drink!!