Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally an update...

So I have been super busy working out that I have had no time to blog....haha
Last week I was up +4lbs but I was not worried because I do know of my own personal estrogen/progesterone weight gain correlation which I have been meaning to graph for sometime now.

This week I went down the 4lbs and was just shy of my goal by 0.6lbs! Hurray for me! Also what is with this everyone weighing themselves on Monday? Was there some collective agreement or people like Monday for some reason? I personally like Sunday as the start of my new week and I have more time to do my measurements and such so that is normally the day I do on with the exception of this week where I did all of it on Saturday because I had more time since Tina and Pete are visiting.

Funny story. Last week I decided to buy some jeans. Motivational jeans. I thought for sure I was going to be down in my new size due to the diaper like sag in my current jeans. Apparently not, I might have just stretched my current jeans and should have went up a size. Great so now I need to go down two sizes, ha! I would like to say that on Saturday I tried on my jeans post-bloat and they fit with minimal pudge! Hurray! They all look super good and I am glad I fit comfortably into them and now they are going into the wash for some shrinkage and then off to the tailor! One goal accomplished! About time. I was very concerned last week.

Here was my workout for the week:
Monday: The time change killed me so I got in an hour of cardio/elip and my shoulder workout 1528cal
Tuesday: I had 730am PT so I missed my am cardio/elip so I got in one hour and had to pick up Tina and Pete from the airport so I missed my weight workout in the pm. 1456 cal
Wednesday: 2 hours elip (AM and lunch)  followed by chest workout 1579cal
Thursday: AM and lunch elip 2 hours, leg workout 1558 cal
Friday: 2 hours of cardio no weight workout, rest 1572 cal
Saturday: my only day to go over calories within reason (we went to Napa for this amazing brunch, it was hard) I did 1 hour on the elip and back workout 2952 cal (I agreed I would drink and we had a three course brunch!) ahha maybe I can say it is apart of my carb cycling program
Sunday: 1 hour cardio and shoulder 1572 cal

I am struggling with the protein. I get around 25% of my daily calories so I think it means I have to add in a second protein shake into my life. Bah. I have to still go to yoga. I keep meaning to on Friday mornings but Steve gets in late on Thursdays and it is so hard to get up early. Also I attempted to go on Sat and Sun but they are both 90 minute classes and we had to leave at 10 to wine taste so I didn't have time.

Lots of more work to do....I really do want to lose another 10lbs so I will just keep at it. I have to do another post soon about my favourite things. Tina and Pete are leaving on Wednesday pm so I should have lots of free time to post this weekend.


  1. Sounds like you're doing really well! Yay so close to your weight goal!

    I think most of us do a weigh-in on Monday because we entered the challenge on a Monday and did our starting weigh-in then. I'm pretty sure you can post your weigh-in on whatever day works best for you!

    Don't worry about your Sat cals! We all need a cheat day once in a while, and considering St. Paddy's Day we probably all had too many cals (I know I did!).

    Congrats on meeting your jeans goal! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I'm pretty sure that this is an idiotic question, but what do you use to count your calories? I just estimate..... however, I ballparked an avocado for 150 calories and the internets claim that it is really more like 300!! Bah! Calorie counting fail.

    I love cheat day!! I look forward to it every week!!!

  3. I use my fitness pal to count calories along with a scale. If it doesnt list a gram per calorie thing on the iphone app/my fitness pal app then I look up the nutritional information and use the one that has a calorie per gram so I can be accurate.

    I only wish it were a complete cheat day. I can only imagine how many calories I was consuming on the weekend before hand because when we go out to eat I am only eating 1/2 portion no booze and no dessert and it still is a piggy meal! For me I dont look forward to it, it stresses me out, but we entertain mostly on Saturday so it is nice to not be weird and pull out the scale when people are over!

  4. Hey Michelle. Add me to your friends on my fitness pal. My login is ememm24 :)