Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 4: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting weight: 133lbs
Last week's weight: 131lbs
Current weight: 135lbs
Exercise: 47km Running
7 Days 30 Day Shred plus 2 bonus 30 Day Shred workouts. Can't get enough Jillian 'round here!

This was my official Monday weigh-in. I'm just a smidge behind in getting it online.

Right. So it looks like I've gained 4lbs in a week where when you add it all up I ran more than a marathon! As if.

Notably, my period started on Tuesday and I've noticed a steady decline in de-bloatification. Phew.

I'm also experiencing the OMG what have you done to me, you haven't worked out in over a week and then you think you can ramp up like that? Hells no! body freak out. I'm not overly concerned.

I have been (mostly) on point with my diet and definitely getting in the exercise.

The pounds, they will come off. Eventually!


  1. Wow! Intense week for sure. Bloating sucks! I am sure next week your scale will be more polite!

  2. Next week will be way better, we know it! You are a running and Jillian machine! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Don't worry I had the same water retention of doom last week with 3-4lbs as well! It was a sad week even though I knew it was due to the hormones it would also explain the 2" bust increase overnight! I am actually going to plot my weight on a 28 day cycle to see if I can monitor the trend accurately.