Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 5: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting weight: 133lbs
Last week's weight: 135lbs
Current weight: 131lbs
Pounds to goal: 6
Exercise: 36.5km Running
6 Days 30 Day Shred

Ha! It was the bloating!! Hurrah!!

I am happy to be back to normal.

Shannon noticed today that when I jumped she could see my abs under my skin (although, now that I consider it, what does it say about my skin that it moves so liberally when I jump?!?). Regardless, it seems as though Jillian is working. Makes all the grunting, groaning and trying not to die worthwhile.

Not surprisingly, I have (finally) made it to Level 3. I thought Level 2 was evil but it doesn't hold a candle to Level 3. I am "supposed" to be through with The Shred on Thursday. That will make 30 days of torture. However, I have decided that I will continue on until I feel about Level 3 as I did about Levels 1 and 2 before I moved up. This could take a while.......

Jillian has become such a normal event in our family that one day the boys decided to a workout on their own. I had put in my time with Jillian earlier (they refuse to do anything over Level 1 with me. It's too hard..... they claim. Bah, I say!). I will leave you with a video clip of the ridiculousness:


  1. Yay for a more accurate weigh-in! You CAN totally see your abs - and not just when you jump!

    The boys are hilarious. They look like they're practicing for... something else. At least they are motivated to exercise!

  2. Good luck in level 3. I hope to get there someday...
    they are so cute :)