Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 6: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting weight: 133lbs
Last week's weight: 131lbs
Current weight: 130lbs
Pounds to goal: 5
Exercise: 47km Running
2 Days 30 Day Shred. One of those days I did levels 3, 2 and 1 back to back.

This week was a gong show. Between snack day, hosting my family twice and brunch at my mother's it's been a dieting nightmare. However, for the first time ever at a family event, I declined alcohol. Huzzah! I also skipped the chips AND the dessert. To my great surprise, I still had an excellent time. It will make saying no the next time much easier.

I have downloaded a fitness/calorie counter app for my iPad to keep track of the calories I am actually consuming (compared to estimating!). This will be the week that I start keeping track. Last night we had a salad that I originally estimated to be 500 calories. Thanks to, it has been officially calculated to be only 288 calories . With goat cheese and everything!

The NutritionData website is excellent for determining (and remembering) the number of calories in all your usual non-pre-packaged meals. It has a "my recipes" section in which you can input all of your ingredient separately and it will regurgitate a food label (like you would find on anything from the store) about your meal.

I'm not looking forward to breaking down everything I eat this week but (as Scott says) the graph of the work over time of this project will start out very high but tail off very quickly. If I knew how to put a picture of said graph in blogger, I would, I swear.

Soon I will start posting the calories I eat every day. Or, at the very least, some of the recipes of what I'm eating!


  1. Yay down a pound!

    Good call on counting the calories for real. I think I will start doing this again too since I know the count for some things from the last dieting stint but newer things like smoothies I realized I was overestimating.

  2. I am looking forward to the recipes!