Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 6 Weigh-in and Exercise

Last week's weight: 34.3lbs
This week's weight: 34.0lbs

Essentially no change. The week started well, but the weekend was a total mess due to a road trip to Montreal.

March 20: 4.72km elliptical, bench press (I'm moving up in weight next week to 20lbs in each hand), triceps extension

March 21: 19.1km biking (1h 1m)

March 22: 4.67km (plus some short warm-up) elliptical, lunges, straight-leg dead lift. (I know I should go up in weight on the lunges, but I'm afraid because they tire me out so much!)

March 23: 4.59km elliptical (so tired from lunges!), calf raise, shrug, shoulder press, upright row.

No exercise on Sat or Sun, although we did do a lot of walking around Montreal on Sat and walked up the Mont-Royal hill to the observation chalet.

Friday was the only part of the trip I stayed strong diet-wise. I declined McDonalds and had a bagel from Tim's (not great, but better than deep-fried food). Saturday I had fruit crepe for breakfast, poutine for lunch, pizza for dinner. Sunday I had french toast smothered in fruit, syrup, and sausages, hot chocolate, KFC, and lots of snacks. No wonder the scale didn't have anything happy to say today.

I am starting to get concerned about meeting my goal. If I lose 1/2 lb a week I will be okay, but to do that I can't have any more setbacks. I will have to be really strong at Easter, which is going to be very hard. EEP!


  1. If nothing else, it looks like you had a really nice time! Also, you CANNOT pass up Montreal poutine. It would be a sin, or something else you find offensive!!

    Will it be another year of freezing the Easter candy??

    At least the scale is still going down!! Up would be worse!!!

    1. There will definitely be a lot of frozen Easter chocolate... The harder part will be holding back on chowing down on schnitzel and potatoes and lemon pie during dinner :|

  2. MMMM... Poutine. I have trouble avoiding NYF. Montreal would be a no-brainer! You'll make your goal - just keep your eyes on the prize ;)

    1. The sad thing is - I think I like NYF poutine better!