Monday, March 26, 2012

Scott's Week 2 Weigh-in

Starting Weight: 159
Last Week's Weight: 158
Current Weight: 156 (down 2!)
Goal Weight: 150

  • 29km running
  • Still around 1500-2000 calories/day.
  • Dieting trick: If you're eating Krista's delicious "Novel Nuts" (as they're called - they're spiced, sweetened pecans), you should do it with these steps, in order:
  1. Decide how many to eat. Hint: if you decide on more nuts that you have fingers, that's too many.
  2. Get the container out and remove that many.
  3. Close the container and put it away.
  4. Eat the nuts.
Extra bonus:
  • Freezing your own smoothie food is waaaaaay cheaper (about 50% the cost). Still expensive for food, but about $2/lb rather than $4-$5.
Super-duper graph:

At Moose's suggestion, I've added the dashed line. It's roughly an extension of my actual progress, so if it's below the red line, I'm good, if I'm between the blue and red lines, it's iffy and if I'm above the blue line, I'm in trouble. For now it's below the red line!

The dashed line doesn't necessarily go though the most recent data point - it's the line of best fit through the whole data set, but it should be close enough for this purpose.


  1. At this rate you will finish by April 23rd. I kinda hate you. Just a little bit.

    Also, if I ask nicely, will you make me a graph??

  2. Moose says, "Nice."

    I am also impressed.