Monday, March 26, 2012

Krista's Graph

This is roughly the graph Krista was talking about towards the end of her post.

The effort to enter calories tapers off as all your common food is entered, and in time you'll hit a constant low rate of foods you haven't entered into the system coming up in your day to day eating.

Also, on a separate note, Krista just jumped up saying "I can just figure this out empirically!" as she ran off to get the kitchen scale. She's telling me the alternate ways to figure out how much a muffin weighs. You know what's tricky? Telling how much a muffin weighs when you have a whole bunch of muffins and a scale.

Also, says Krista: "The math was true!".


  1. Krista also says "SHUT UP!!!!".

    So there.

    The math was true.

    It was complicated to work out the calories in muffins sans nuts when you only have the info for slices of a loaf with nuts. And, slices do NOT equal muffins.

    Math should always be true.

    1. For other fascinating takes on math and it's trueness, see:

    2. Also, in unrelated news, the muffins in question are pumpkin-chocolate chip. The same kind Krista threw at we one time. Hope that doesn't happen again :)

  2. I appreciate the graphy-mathy goodness. It entertains me greatly, especially the colour commentary.