Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Update....posted on a Monday!

Current weight: the same as last week

This is pretty good news (or at least I am convincing myself that it is). I had Tina and Pete over for the week before and this week and if you have ever had company over (especially company that enjoys to have a drink) it is very hard to keep on diet. I only cheated one day and it wasn't that bad of a cheat (one day when T&P were here). The other thing that is such a diet buster is the illness. I wish I were one of those people who actually loses weight while ill. No not me. Carbohydrates seem to be the only thing that can cure my illness. Thursday actually turned out to be my cheat day why? Well because my throat was so sore and I made the mistake of purchasing a pint of gelato, to savour throughout my sickness of course, and what turned into one cup counted into my calories totaling 1500 for the day turned in consuming the whole pint. How does this occur. Oh my throat hurts to much and gelato is the only thing that will make it better....maybe I'll just have one more 1/2 cup...then another and then well it is too little to keep here in the pint all by itself it must join it's friends in my belly. Thus my whole delicious pint was consumed and then I was sad because my throat hurt again. Also I hate being sick because my workouts suffer. I didn't really have the energy to workout that much but did manage some cardio. Weight workouts are so tough to do when you are ill especially because they consume so much energy. 

Here are my stats for the week:

Sunday : Shoulder workout and 45 minute cardio 1572 Calories - 
Monday: sickness begins.... 45 min elip + 65 min elip and another 64 min elip and arms workout 1553 calories
Tuesday: 40 min elip + 65 min elip 1565 calories
Wednesday: 60 min elip 1560 min 55 calories
Thursday: 60 min elip + 60 min elip 2034 calories of delicious cookies and cream gelato!
Friday: 60 min elip, 60 min elip, 24 min elip (I ran out of my book and went home) 1461 calories
Saturday:60 min elip, 60 min elip, leg workout and 20 min stairs 1524 calories
Sunday: 60 min elip, 30 min elip, chest workout, 40 min elip 1483 calories

Should I mention that Steve was gone and I was left all alone and the most exciting part of my day was going to the gym? I actually wanted to be there longer but I am sure people thought I was pretty weird. 

Also motivation to do Yoga is soo hard. I really need to work on this soon. Additionally I managed to single leg press 90lbs! Hurray! This is a much improvement over the 5lbs I was able to do in January! I am working towards symmetry, 

Off to pick up my husband from the airport! 


  1. You're doing really well! Don't let one week of plateau get you down, we've all been there. Next week will be better!

    That's still a lot of working out for being sick! I know how you feel with temptation of comfort food, it is so hard to say no to what makes you feel better! Hope you get better soon!

  2. It will pick up again now that you are better!

  3. I am still sick and I go to a work conference on Friday until Wednesday so we shall see what occurs.