Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekly weigh in

Today my scale said 131.8 - 0.8 pounds to go!

I did lots of Jillian, ran my best 5k time yet (28.45) and was very careful about what I was eating. (except at brunch at Anne's house. It was too delicious!)

I am getting very close to my pushup goal too - yay!

You guys are such an inspiration to keep going. I have never been so dedicated to fitness in my whole life. This challenge is awesome :)


  1. Yay, so close!!!

    This challenge has been helpful to me too. Around now is where I would normally start going, ugh, whatever, this is hard, I guess I'm thin enough... But seeing everyone else getting closer to their goal and staying strong makes me really want to stick to it! (Also, my $250 says nope, can't quit, you want to spend me on shoes!)

  2. Omg, the challenge is good for me too. Otherwise I would just quit. 130 is the weight where I feel good about myself, I feel thin and happy. And I am SO sick of dieting. I miss before dinner drinks. And dessert (ok, not really dessert, but the option for dessert). And candy. And french fries. And snacks. Sigh.

    Nothing keeps me more motivated than the fear of failure. Being accountable to someone or something other than myself is clearly needed. I must NOT give up! Go Challenge!