Monday, March 5, 2012

Weigh In - 6 pounds down since we started!

10/16 pounds left to go!

I have lost 4 percent of my body weight since January 16th! I noticed this on my work weight loss spreadsheet. Theres approx 18 of us doing it. Unfortunately..becauseI am the heaviest in the weight loss challenge I have not managed yet to win any of the weeks yet...but I am the only consistant one losing hopefully for the final results I win overall!! (heheheheheheh)...but we will see. Not sure what the prize HR will give me is.

But anyways. I will keep up the calorie counting (most days) !


  1. yay! Good for you! It must be so exciting to be able to see such a great number:)

  2. Yay! Congrats!!!

    Hopefully your work competition is fair! I've heard lots of stories about people bulking up before the starting weigh-in and taking water shedding pills before the final weigh-in to cheat. You definitely deserve to win fair and square!

  3. I'm thinking you might want to adjust your goal my friend!! You are rocking this challenge!! I am so happy for you!! Love you!