Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weigh in.

The same as last week and the week before. I am not sure how to step it up a notch. I don't think I can go down any further than 1500 calories a day right ? Maybe I need to find an additional exercise from yoga, walking and aquafit. They are the best for my body because they are a little easier on my joints and muscles. All this weight takes a huge toll on my body when exercising. Any suggestions ?


  1. I actually became really dizzy in yoga at lunch hour. I had to take a time out. I have not had this happen in Yoga before. I actually started tearing during the 'cool down' because I am frustrated with my body. I have the weight to lose, why am I plateauing?
    The instructor thought I had purposely not ate breakfast to lose weight, when that is not the case.
    So, how can I increase intensity without getting dizzy/sick/injuring myself?

  2. I just did some maintain my weight I should be eating 2800 calories a day! Oii.

    And my BMR is 2021...those are the amount of calories I burn just to stay alive.

    Why does it seem so high? I feel satisfied with the amount of calories I eat a day. Am I really in a 500 calorie deficit daily just for living?

  3. Yup!

    Well, it does depend on your metabolism, but for the most part that sounds right to me. The internets say that I need to consume 2100 calories to maintain my weight. Which, when I put it to the test, it true.

    I'm telling you, you should start doing the 30 day Shred with Jillian (and Breanna and I). Jillian claims that her patented 3-2-1 workout jump starts your metabolism. And GO!

    If I knew how to rip my copy I would burn it for you. Technically, I'm finished The Shred, but it's such a convenient "The kids are home and I need to workout" workout that I can't imagine being without it.

    Good luck with the plateau. We all have them, they always suck and if you persevere you will get through it. Love you!

  4. I think that you should start out with more low impact exercises and see where they take you. Your body is a skilled machine that quickly adapts to new workouts. I am betting that yoga, walking and aquafit are a lot easier now than they were in the begining and thus you should try adding in some other exercises. Have your tried pilates? I think adding in some resistance training will help you with a burn outside of the activity. You can also try swimming laps or even doing a zumba class. They are low impact, a little weird but not intimidating.

    I have had the dizzy which then has turned into fainting while exercising before. It all had to do with a quick drop in my blood sugar level along with a drop in my blood pressure. I think the key to eliminating out the dizyness is making sure that you are eating the right foods 30-60 min before you workout. A good pre-workout snack can be a piece of fruit to give you some quick energy or peanut butter on bread and some sort of protein to give you long sustained energy. I don't think that you should go any lower in calories because it could be very dangerous and I also think that you shouldn't feel the need to eat more because of what you read it. Just listen to your body and if you feel full and satisfied eating 1500 then keep it up if you find you are just super lathargic and it is affecting your day to day routine then add in a couple protein snacks. String cheese is a good 70 calorie pick me up. Also try and drink more water :) Just keep at it you are doing great!

  5. I have also had the dizzy/sick/shaky feeling working out. It has always been because my stomach was too empty. Michelle's advice about eating before working out is really good. Anything with protein helps, and I've read that foods like bananas (because of the sugar) and oatmeal (I think because it takes a while to digest and is carby) are good foods to have before working out.

    Persevere! You can do it! Everyone plateaus. It could be water weight or hormonal. Don't drop your calories any more, it doesn't sound like you need it. Good luck!