Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exercise and (Non)Injury

I had planned to sit down today and post about my injury.  What injury, you ask?  Well, it seems to be gone, so apparently, my non-injury. 


Instead I will revel in my good fortune.

Usually, I decide that it's time to get back into shape (read: It's March, Christmas has made my pants tight and the weather is cooperating with my love of running) and I go from 0 to 60.  It's the I sit on my ass all winter and then start running 3-4 times a week plan.  Genius, I tell you.

What are the consequences of this crazy? First my right knee goes.  It creaks and it cracks and it aches getting out of bed in the morning.  I start icing it, taking advil and complaining.  Then, the left one goes.  I compensate for the right knee pain with the left when I run which causes them both sadness.  More advil, more icing, more whining. Finally my left hip joins the group.  It pangs, and it twang and it seizes.  There is not enough advil, ice and patient husbands to get me to run once the hip goes out.  Getting out of bed is a serious task.  This is the quitting point.  I give up on my exercise, my diet and reacquaint my butt with my couch.

It takes a number of weeks (usually like 8) to complete this sequence.  By then I have lost the Christmas weight and am perfectly happy to drink away my troubles in the May sunshine.

Something has happened.  Something odd.

Nothing hurts.

I've been running hard-core for more than enough time for my right knee to freak-the-hell-out.  I have been exercising 5-7 times A WEEK.  There should be creaking and cracking and aching.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not a single complaint.

Alright, what about the rest of the cycle?

My left hip did go.  Two weeks ago when I ran 16.5 after I did Level 3 of The 30 Day Shred not my smartest plan.....  I started to take it easy.  No more doubling up.  I listened to my body when it hurt (ie, modifying some of the exercises to take the strain off my hip) and Ta! Da! It got better.

I ran 16.5 km again this afternoon and.... wait for it.... nothing.  I felt great.  I found myself running up hills and only realizing that I should be huffing and puffing once I was at the top.

(Actually, with one exception.  I doubt I will ever make it up this hill  without wishing a car would come over the top and hit me on its way down.

It's on Wilmot between Conservation and Wideman if you ever want to visit!!)

Past long runs have driven me first to the fridge and secondly back to bed for a nap.  No longer! I can run for well over an hour and continue on with my day.

I have puzzled over the change.  Is it Jillian?  Am I building up all my supporting muscles?  Did I start out running slow enough? Maybe it's my running shoes (it's not the shoes... I had them this time last year.).

When push comes to shove? I don't care why this change came about. I'm just pleased that it did. I don't hurt.  My body is stronger and I am happier.


  1. This is fantastic news, although not news as per our phone call! I wish I could run as long as you do, it is such an accomplishment and you should be very proud of it.

  2. Hmm, I bet Jillian has helped. Also, maybe your non-pain is partly a result of running all winter. Usually you take a winter break, no? And you have a better idea of how to train for the half-marathon from doing it last year.

    In any case, yay and congrats!


    I look forward to running again when I knock off some more weight. It was the most stress relieving workout I have ever done...especially with discovering the beautiful parks hidden in Toronto!