Friday, March 30, 2012

Need More Time

This week has been very busy. I'm not used to it.

Technically, I have %100 free time. Why is it I feel like I never get anything done?

Not enough time for working out, no time for calorie counting properly, no writing time, didn't finish painting project, have to clean whole house before company comes tonight (so gonna do a crappy rush job).

Worried will have diet fail this weekend because of Easter Dinner, company that snacks and drinks hard and won't allow time for working out, and Maple Syrup Festival.

Remind me why I'm doing this challenge again?


  1. Um..... Because you are dumb?!? No! Wait! I know! It's because you want to reach your goal weight with support and added motivation...... AND you are dumb!!! At least as dumb as me! I have sad too...... Stupid challenge getting between me and a) dessert b) vodka and c) candy. Sigh. May is soon right? We will look stupid-hot by then and have to buy new clothes because all of our old clothes are too big! You can do it! Go Lisa! At worst it will be some crazy thing you did when you were young and fun! Good luck this weekend! Love you!

    1. Thanks, I really need the motivation!