Friday, April 6, 2012

Making an exception

It's Easter.  I love Easter.  Having an easy going family makes holidays so enjoyable. 

Regardless, I am throwing in the proverbial dieting towel for today.  I have been counting calories for a week and a half now and have never gone over my 500 calorie deficit.  One day of cheating won't kill me.

My two biggest weaknesses are a) alcohol and b) my children. 

Easter plays to both of them.  Turn down bubbly wine? Never.  Turn down the offer to share my favourite jelly beans with my favourite boys? Hells no.  Not gonna, not even one time.  Explaining to them that I can't eat that cinnamon flavoured one that they saved especially for me because they know it's the one I like best? Bah.  Not ever worth it!

It's been a while since Scott's been around.  I am savouring every moment of family time.  And if that means that I don't go under for my calories for the day? I don't care.  I'll climb back onto the bandwagon in the morning.  Happy Easter!


  1. Mmm, bubbly and jelly beans - no wonder you can't resist!

    Enjoy your break day! Everyone needs one once in a while! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh what cute children you have ! How could you say no to them !! :).