Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 8 Weigh-In and Exercise

Last week: 131.6lbs
This week: 132.3lbs
Up 0.7lbs

Not surprising as last week I was down more than 2 lbs, which was probably a low dip. I still feel relatively on-track.


So, apparently my eating habits are really variable. A lot of it has to do with sleep. The more I sleep, the less I eat, and vice versa.

Mon: 1345
Tues: 964
Wed: 1799
Thurs: 1421
Fri: 1013
Sat & Sun: Who knows? Easter dinner both nights, a bit of chocolate but no dessert or alcohol on Sat, pancakes on Sun plus alcohol and dessert at dinner.


Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat - elliptical and weights
Tues - elliptical and rock climbing
Fri - rock climbing
Total distance elliptical -  23.37km

I was really worried about eating too much on Easter weekend so I didn't have any break days. Probably wasn't the best idea, by Saturday my muscles were ridiculously fatigued and I couldn't do a very good workout anyway. Oh well, hopefully I recovered enough on Sunday and this week will be back to a smarter routine.


  1. I hear that carb cycling is a great way to also lose weight! Isn't it nice to know that Easter didn't have a horrible affect on your challenge. Hopefully all of your hard effort will pay off soon! I hate it when you work so hard and the scale is just not that friendly.

    1. Thanks, hopefully the scale will be nice and where it should be next week.

      What is carb cycling?

  2. It is actually a body building technique that some people also apply to dieting. The premise behind carb cycling is that instead of eating a strict 1500 calories a day forever which then your body adjusts to and then becomes for efficient, you cycle through your calorie intake always making your body guess what is coming next. Bodybuilders go into hypocaloric days for a couple days and then carb load the next few to maximize fat loss. Of course I was just alluding to the variation in calories but in addition to the change in calories, bodybuilders will vary the carb ratio that is associated with it from high carb days to low carb days to no carb days. I think I go from super carb days to the correct carb days lol.

    I am currently hating the scale, FYI :) but I know it is due to a couple of reasons which will also hopefully be resolved next week.

    1. Okay, that makes a lot of sense, considering if your body gets used to the same exercises, why wouldn't it get used to the exact same food every day?

      Thanks for the info! Maybe my randomness in eating is actually helping me! (Although I'm pretty sure I cycle through way too many carbs and a few too many carbs, lol.)

      Hopefully your scale will be nicer next week! Good luck!