Monday, April 9, 2012

Oops I did it again........

Ah Friday, my most favourite day of the week. The furthest day from work (sorta) and the beginning of the weekend. My Friday afternoon was unusual where I had an afternoon physical therapy session and hopefully my last. Sadly when I arrived I was told that I have another session prescribed by my surgeon and thus I must use it up. My run! Finally after months of physical therapy, painful deep tissue massage and wearing the same pair of running shoes with orthodics has paid off! My PT started me with walking with a slight incline on the treadmill for 15 minutes for a warm up. Did I mention that I am not allowed to listen to music or do anything distracting because I am suppose to be paying attention to my body while I run? Apparently uneven thudding is a bad thing. Chris (PT) watches my form and gives me the go ahead to start to run jog. He puts my pace to 5mph and it is painfully slow. But I want to run! Actually it hinders my running and causes me to do some weird hip-flip-favour-good-leg-badness so we decide to put it up to my natural stride. I get to run at 6.5mph and it feels amazing, if only for one minute. Of course we are talking about how it feels while I am running and I tell him that I am aware of my tendon which has been quiet for quite some time now. The minute ends and I am back for a walk recovery. I am allowed to repeat this for 5 reps and then I have to stop. What concerns me is that after each minute of running I am becoming more and more aware of my tendon. It is not a bad pain but like those last few reps when you lift weights. I decide to play it safe and not complete the last rep.  I finish all my PT exercises and go home. My ankle hurts when I walk. The next day is not better despite lots of ice at PT and ice at home. I stupidly decide to go onto the elliptical where my ankle protests smart people would get off I decide to re-position my ankle so that I am using my outer ankle to propel myself around. Bad move. Now other parts of my ankle hurt but I know that it at least temporary and today it is fine but my posterior tibial tendon....bah I am so frustrated. Sad to think that 3 months of physical therapy has gone up in smoke in a mere 4 minutes of running. Sad, so sad. We shall see what Thursday at 6:30am PT brings and I don't think it will be running. I was so close and now I am so far away.  


  1. This sounds really frustrating... although maybe it won't turn out as bad as you think. If this is the first time stressing that muscle in a long time, it makes sense it would be sore for a while. Hopefully you recover in a couple of days and your PT can give you some good advice.

    You are so dedicated and confident about your exercise routine, I know you can make it through this! Good luck!

  2. Injury sucks. There is not a single good thing about it. I am so sorry. I fully understand the need to run and can feel your disappointment wafting out of my computer. And worse? You can't even drown your sorrows in junk food and booze. Hugs.