Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 8: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting weight: 133lbs
Last week's weight: 129lbs
Current weight: 130lbs
Pounds to goal: 5
Exercise: 62.8km Running (Best week yet!! Huzzah!)
Other: Biggest Loser Boot Camp Levels 1&2: Twice

My period is due any day now and I can see my belly pushing out due to bloating.  Being a woman is so fun, no?  Actually, my scale was extra mean today and I was up another pound.  I'm not concerned.  Next week will be friendlier!

I was telling Lisa last night, and Breanna last Thursday, that I have become incredibly unmotivated.  Weight-loss, shmeight-loss.  I am toned.  I am fit.  And all my clothes are a smidge too big (my life? Is soooo hard!).  And I still have four frickin' pounds to go.  Seriously?

However (cue the happy music), I woke up this morning more motivated than ever.

What happened?  No idea.  Don't care.  I am feeling better about getting it done.  I am happier to skip a high calorie snack or a before dinner drink.  Salad for dinner? Hells yeah!!

I would like to tell you that I had an inspiring dream.... if I did, I don't remember.  I did dream about Robert wearing my favourite flip flops and stretching them out with his big fat feet.  Then breaking them on purpose. I was so so so sad. (Aren't they pretty???)

Not inspiration stuff if you ask me....  It did, however, make me put the flip flops on during breakfast!!!  My most recent fashion statement!

Bonus: Running song of the week

This isn't a song to which I listen in real life.  It hasn't made it on a playlist since the summer of 2010.  It has a beat that matches my natural rhythm perfectly.  It makes me happy every time it pops up on my iPod!  (Read: Scott! You should put it in a love song! Chop, Chop!)

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