Saturday, April 14, 2012

Doubling Our Success

First full day of our childless weekend (followed by Scott having three days off work!!!), rock climbing (last night), a run (today) and then this:

 WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!

What more can a girl (and her boy) ask for??  

What's up for us next?

Scott plans to start The 30 Day Shred on Monday to move from lean to mean in the muscle category.  He'll keep you posted on his progress.

I plan to maintain my exercise routine (running and whatever workout videos I feel like at the moment).  Not surprisingly, I am reveling in all the side benefits of exercise.  I love feeling strong and fit.  I adore the leniency of  my diet.  I can eat far more of my favourite foods when I am burning calories.  But my absolute favourite part of workouts is that I need less sleep when I am so active.  Scott says this makes sense (what? are you suuuuure??) according to some study or another.  Study, shmudy, I just know that I can sleep 8.5 hours a night in lieu of 10 and feel just as rested.  I pop awake in the morning cheerful and ready to start my day.  Regardless of the challenge being over for me, I am NOT giving that up!!!! Not even one time!!

Whenever Lisa is done the challenge we'll book some AFTER pictures to post with our before pictures (which has the side benefit of keeping me motivated to exercise!! I want those pictures to look as rockin' as possible!!).

I plan on continue posting (I have at least 2 in the queue.).  Scott as well.

Bonus:  Running Song of the Week

I love love love this song for running.  For real life it's a little too pop-y and girl-y.  For running?  It goes the distance. (I know, I'm hilarious!).


  1. Congrats Scott and Krista! Now you can have a celebratory drink with each other while the children are out! It must be wonderful to be worry free and just focus on how you feel and how your body looks instead of a stupid # that you have to worry about!

  2. I should add that I am proud of you both! Way to go!

  3. Congrats you too! Yay! Must feel good :)

  4. Congrats ! I love that song too !

  5. WOOT! Congrats! Hopefully the meat-filled-ness of last couple days hasn't hurt those numbers too much :)

    Krista, you are looking the slimmest and trimmest I have ever seen you! Not gonna lie, a little bit jealous over here!

    Scott, yay for losing the slouching pooch! (But you still shouldn't slouch, show off those pecs!)

    Good luck with the continuing working out routines! Hopefully I will join in on the success soon!