Sunday, April 15, 2012

Melba made me do it.

I was showing off my headstand to Melba. And she took one for this blog.
I started in Aug being terrified of doing a head stand to someone helping me kick up, to me being able to kick up on my own once in multiple tries to me doing it whenever I want on my own. My next challenge is holding myself away from the wall on my own.

She also wanted me to post this other picture of Ralph, because he is visiting. I'm nervous for finding grasshoppers in my bed, or for feeding him this evening. Eek.


  1. Nice! I am terrified of headstands and handstands! I have a lot of trouble putting my body in danger - so nice to see someone else overcome the phobia!

    Ralph is so cute! Hopefully his tail is nice and fat - no diet challenge needed for him!

  2. Go Emily Go!!!!!! I am so proud of you. Head stands are hard. It's impressive that you have made such quick progress!!! Love you!