Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 9 Weigh-In and Exercise

This week was something of a write-off, between emotional stress in the beginning of the week and intestinal distress all weekend.

Last week: 132.3
This week: 132.5

My calories were even more random than the week before, and even though I mostly stayed in the right range, it was all junk food.


Mon - elliptical warm-up and weights
Tues - 4.86km elliptical, rock climbing
Wed - 4.72km elliptical, weights
Thurs - rock climbing
Fri - elliptical warm-up and weights, rock climbing
Sat - 4.8km elliptical and weights


  1. You are doing great! You are sooo close to your goal and then you will be done! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Damn the intestinal distress not working in your favour. Are you feeling any better, btw?

    I'm with Breanna, you are doing great! And, if I haven't said it already, you are looking very thin. I noticed especially in your cute (read: hot) red pyjamas.

    Enjoy climbing tonight!

    1. Still feeling the same, not going climbing tonight because of it.

      My measurements are the same as two weeks ago, discouraging along with the plateaued weigh-in, but at least my non-frumpy PJs are working for me!