Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still Plateau...boo

Well I haven't changed in weight for a couple of weeks now which tells me that I need to make some changes.
For this week I have decided to:

  • Change up my cardio by incorporating in some biking and stairs if my ankle will allow me to
  • Rework my eating plan so that I really only eat carbohydrates at the appropriate times, see below
    • Wake up: Oatmeal, protein shake, latte
    • 60 min AM cardio
    • Lunch: Chicken burger (just meat), mustard, veggies
    • Pre-gym meal: 1/2 bagel, salmon, 1tbsp cream cheese and 1 cup fruit
    • Post-gym meal: protein shake if not enough protein throughout the day
    • Dinner: (this will vary but I have planned out the week with mostly fish, some veggies and occasional some grain to get rid of it in my house...I am not a big grain eater). 
Hopefully the change in where I am eating my carbohydrates to where I actually need them should work out. I am also really aiming for above 30% protein and to achieve that I need to get a second shake in because consuming tonnes of chicken breast is pretty gross. I am also excited about having a huge increase in my fish intake. Sadly my favourite meals are oatmeal and my bagel!

Hopefully next weigh in will be great. Although I didn't see a change in weight I did see my bust grow smaller (boo! really there is enough fat for you to take off my butt!).

Only two weeks and two days before I am on a beach in a bikini and I am not ready by a long shot! Oh well!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a good plan, hopefully it works!

    I love carbs and totally understand when you say oatmeal and bagels are the best part of your day. I am in love with muffins and could eat them all day.

    At least you are losing inches somewhere! Too bad we can't tell our bodies where to take it from, huh?

    Hope you are looking forward to your trip! There's some good motivation right there! Even though you haven't hit all your goals, at least you look better than when you started the challenge!