Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenge Completed!

Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. - George S. Patton

As of today's weigh-in, I have finished the challenge! Here is what the Wii told me:

I know right? Aren't you impressed Wii?

Actually, I don't feel as excited as I thought I would. The quote above describes how I should feel. I'm not even that relieved...

I think in part it's because I know this is a bit of a low dip, (note that this was the second weigh-in of the day, where I saw I was really close so I forced myself to go back to the bathroom before weighing in again). Also, I haven't been eating super great, just having lowish calories due to circumstances, so it feels like a bit of a cheat. Thirdly, I still have some small issues with my body image. I don't care about the number on the scale as much as I care about trading a bit more fat for muscle (I still don't have a flat stomach, grr!)

Yes, Wii, I agree. I will not be changing my diet habits for at least a couple of weeks. I will be eating like I'm dieting (but not feeling guilty for the occasional cheat day) until the scale is consistently where I want it to be. I'm going to keep exercising indefinitely. Hopefully I will tone up a bit more and keep the weight off even when I start drinking and eating chocolate again (in moderation) because of my daily exercise.

This is my new personal goal (read: you aren't getting any money if I don't meet it!) - to be the same weight at the official end of the challenge. 

And for all you graphy-type people *coughscottcough*, here is my weigh-in graph from where I hit my "Oh dear, I must diet," 139lb spike in January to my weigh-in at 129.9lbs today.

I will post my after pics the next time I have a get-together with Krista.

In all, I am really glad I did the challenge. Especially over the last month, without the challenge I'm sure I would have given up like I always have before when I got within 2lbs of my goal weight. "Augh, I'm sick of dieting, this is good enough..." Reading everyone's posts and having your supportive comments was so inspiring... even more so than the monetary aspect. If I didn't meet the challenge I would have cared a lot more about letting everyone down than giving out the money.

I am glad I have finally hit my goal, my lowest weight since I was still growing, and I am extra glad that this challenge has finally taught me to value exercise. I always ended up quitting exercise before because my routine got disrupted for a week and then I was too lazy to start again. For the most part I like exercising now, and it feels weird to not do it. Watch out bike, I'm gonna ride you so hard this summer...

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    I am so proud of you!!

    I know the weird feeling of, uh, what? Really? I'm done? Then why don't I feel more elation?

    How about Monday for a photoshoot? I want to get the pictures done before I blow my diet!

    Also, your Wii conversation(s) are hilarious!

    Love you!!!