Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 10 Weigh-In and Exercise

Last week: 132.5lbs
This week: 129.6lbs

Down 2.9lbs! This is probably not quite as dramatic as it looks, as I think I'm comparing a high spike with a low dip, but still, I'm happy to see my weight still in the 129 range since completing the challenge on Friday! As the Wii (ever so helpfully) pointed out to me, this weigh-in is consistent with my new goal to have no change in my weight.

Monday - 1100
Tuesday - 1645
Wednesday - 1475
Thursday - 1329
Friday - 1220
Weekend - didn't bother to count, but probably in the 1500-1900 range each day.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I'm purposely carb cycling. My total randomness is planned, uh-huh, yeah, sure! It seems to be working out okay and wasn't as crazy varied as other weeks, so I'm  not too concerned about changing it.


Monday through Thursday: elliptical and weights
Friday: warm-up and weights
Sunday: elliptical and weights
Total elliptical distance: 23.83km

I am planning on continuing to post weekly weigh-ins up to the end of the challenge since I will be weighing in anyway to keep myself on track, and it will help keep me accountable for my sustainability goal. Also, now that I'm in the habit of tracking calories and working out every day and posting weigh-ins each week, it would feel weird to stop!

One final thing - Krista and I took our "After" pics today, we just have to get the formatting sorted out to post them! Hopefully they will be up soon!

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