Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 7: Weigh-in and Exercise

Starting weight: 133lbs
Last week's weight: 130
Current weight: 129lbs
Pounds to goal: 4
Exercise: 50km Running
30 Day Shred: Tuesday (Levels 3 and 2), Friday (Levels 3 and 1) and Saturday (Levels 3,2 and 1)

I have also been counting my calories.

Tuesday: 1650
Thursday: 1843
Friday: 2081
Saturday: 2183
Sun: 1928

The crazy calorie counting app that I've been using tells me that my BMR is 2119 calories.  In order to lose a pound a week (my current goal) I need to eat less than 1619 calories in a day, less any exercise I force upon my poor tired body.

If all premises are correct (ie I'm actually calculating all my calories properly, my BMR really is 2119 and my exercise is burning the number of calories the app claims), then I have run a deficit of 5383 calories this week.

Which happens to account for my 1lb weight loss AND agrees with my scale trying to flicker to 128lbs this weekend.

I have decided to keep up the calorie counting.  Yes, it is a pain in my ass and yes, I mostly hate it. However,  I like the data.  I like knowing what's going into my body.  And, I like that I'm look lazy to figure out the calories in a handful of anything so I don't bother to eat random crap.

Secretly, I also truly enjoy that I can eat something junky if I still have room in my day.  Ie drinks in the evening on the weekend.  Yay!

If I can keep this up I should more than hit my goal by the end of May (fine, not according to the graph. But according to the I plan on keeping up the 1lb a week weight loss plan.)  Thank goodness.  Because the sooner I can wrap this up, the sooner Jelly Bellies can come to my house!!

Bonus: Running song for the week

There is something nice about running to someone singing about being young and beautiful.  Because dude, if not now, when??


  1. Yay, down a pound or more! So glad that the evil calorie tracking is worth it. I agree having accurate data is very nice.

    Won't it be nice if you're done early? One can only hope!

  2. Way to go breaking the 130s! Tracking calories is definitely the way to go and it is a pain to set up at first but soon it will become second nature. It actually deters me from getting a lot of things at restaurants that are too ingredient heavy because I don't want to spend 5 minutes dissecting it and counting up the calories.

    1. Counting calories sounds like so much work! But good for you to stick with it! And also for the awesome progress!