Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Update

So here I am at America's largest ski resort not skiing but attending a medical conference on fibrosis. I have no idea how much I weigh. I did weigh myself the other day on a scale but I had all of my workout gear on and it was later in the day and I have been known to drink a lot of water causing a differential of 5lbs per day from AM to PM. Not only did I bring all nice fancy clothes to look smart but also a new workout outfit for each day! In my spare time you can find me working out at one of the gyms at the mountain, not snowboarding like I should be. The eating has been super challenging. Not being able to have 5 small meals has caused me to have to eat 3 larger meals with a lot less protein than I would like. Our breakfast and dinner is catered so I try to fill up on as much fruit as possible but a table of pastries are a bit hard to pass up. I pick a tiny pastry and then am upset when my breakfast ends up being 500-600 calories! You would think I would learn? My lunches are "dressing on the side and no tortilla chips, easy on the cheese, no fried onions and can you grill some chicken breast and put it on top" and I have to pile all of the components on the plate trying to see how many calories I am going to consume. At least I am eating alone because I am pretty sure no one would like to eat with me while I am pulling out my phone adding in all the components of my salad.  Normally I would say screw the meat and enjoy the bountiful pastries and cheesecake/dessert tables to get in my calories but I have been good by continuing to get protein at each meal. Sadly without the protein shake I am hovering around 25%. Normally if I were back and home and I would choose to have a pastry/muffin/mini eggs I would not go over my allotted calories and you quickly learn that sugar is the worse pre-gym meal ever. Doing kickboxing after eating banana bread was one of the worst ideas I have ever hard....maybe the jelly beans were worse. To those out there counting calories and avoiding all of the foods you love it might be easy to do until the end of the challenge but hard to do it for the rest of your life so instead I have the things I want and crave in moderation and then normally end up paying for it by not being able to eat some healthy piece of fish that would be more filling. When you are looking at it for the long haul you really have to see food not as enjoyment but fuel for your body. It is sad but I really look forward to eating my oatmeal every morning as if it were chocolate cake. Something I miss being out here ;(

I wanted to assess how I was doing with the challenge so far:

Lose 10lbs....well I don't know how much I weigh and as long as I haven't gained any weight when I come back I am pretty happy and my 1lb to lose plateau

Symmetrical leg muscles is a toughly and might not be one that I can really achieve in a month. I am happy to report that I was only able to single leg press 5lbs with my bad leg and now can press 90lbs just with my bad leg. Hurray improvement! My calf muscle is very sad looking but not being allowed to do calf raises or anything that can make it grow bigger is frustrating. 

I fit into my new jeans and love them! 

I was able to hit 30% protein one day haha and I did so by consuming two protein shakes. Hmm consume two protein shakes or have some mini eggs or this cookie or something equally delicious. It is always a tough decision and one that when I get back I will have to stick to, boo! It really has helped my muscle recovery. 

The weight workouts have been surprisingly easy to stick to with the help of Steve. It is only a 30-45minute after work and one that I have ample amount of time to do. I love how my back is being shaped and I can't wait until I shed more fat so they look better! Although I did one weight workout while here and it was difficult because they only really have dumbells and I can't do all of the exercises that I want to so it might be hard to reach that goal while I am out here. 

I am toning up and losing muscle (re:legs) I have a lot more weight to lose before I would ever be called skinny so I don't really need to worry about this goal. Also the additional protein will help with this. 

Yoga is such a hard goal for me. I just have no motivation to go. I would much rather go on the elliptical than go to yoga. Once I get back though I really need to work hard on this!

Workouts Completed in March: 65...well I was sick but not too bad of a number

With the exception of a cheat day I pretty much eat around 1500 calories. I have been a bit relaxed where Steve said it was ok for our challenge to eat an extra 5% but now that can add up so I am going to eat under 1500 for the remainder. 

I am glad to hear that the challenge has had a positive effect on everyone. It really hasn't made a difference for me because I have been a gym nut for almost 6 years. I do get upset when I can't workout and it really does effect my sleeping and mood. It is nice getting to hear about everyone's challenges and successes and it is nice to reaffirm my believes in fitness. 

My greatest accomplishment from this challenge will be if people notice that I lost the weight. I have heard from multiple people how good some of you look and I hope that I can also follow suit. 

Well I should be at the gym but I just came from the gym and the altitude, dry air, little sleep and getting over being sick has just left me so tired and blah. I can't wait to be back home to my oatmeal...oh and Steve...and my squat rack. 


  1. You have an iron will to eat so well while away from home. Good job!

    You should go out snowboarding at least a couple times! It's a workout (even if not as intense as you're used to) and a great opportunity!

    Looks like your goals are coming along well. Glad you are so happy with your lifestyle :)

  2. Not allowed to snowboard with ankle :( Or else I would be out there everyday! Best Quad workout I know of!


    1. Ah, that's too bad! Can you try tobogganing down the mountain? :P

  3. Yay for eating well while you are away from home!! Exercising frequently had an amazing affect on myself mentally and physically and now I can't go without it!! Yay for the challenge.

    1. I can't figure out how to post a new comment but YAY! Eating properly when I am by myself is hard. Especially away from home. Good luck once you reunite with your scale :)