Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finally an update.

I meant to write this on Monday. But I am not sure where the week has gone. Yaaaay !
I am at 14/16 pounds that I have lost. ! I also won my work weight loss challenge the last week at work. ! Yay. ! I find doing yoga at least three times a week has helped my muscle tone and my ability to do more of the poses !

I have been wanting to take up my interval running again, but I am terrified that I will get my calf spasms again while doing so. But this time I am stronger, so I am going to try this week hopefully. Wish me luck !!


  1. Hurrah!! Only two pounds to go!!! I am so happy for you. And congrats on wining your work challenge. You must be so proud.

    Good luck with the running. I am sure you can do it!

  2. So great to hear from you and that you are almost there! Just a couple more pounds!

    Congrats on winning your work challenge! That's so awesome!

    Good luck with running! Hopefully if you do get calf spasms you will be able to push past it and they'll stop happening. You can do it!