Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One step forward......

...5 hundred steps back!

Man I have been sick for about a month. Once I got over the stupid cold I was subjected to cough of doom! Try exercising when you cant breathe, I did and I thought I was going to die. Not a good idea. So my workouts have been crap and I have been eating more to keep up my energy because I am that dumb to think that I am going to feel better by eating more! The reason why I am sluggish is not because of lack of food but sickness! So I gained 2lbs, blah.

Despite being sick I still dragged my butt to the gym and coughed and blew my nose through all my workouts and I have been back on diet and then...........

..........a third surgery hangs above my head. WHAT, REALLY? I saw my surgeon today and despite my 4 months of physical therapy and no running and no doing anything fun I am still having ankle issues. Great. So apparently I am not allowed to run for a year or I will blow up my tendon and then STILL require surgery but what is this? if if doesn't get better I also need surgery! I also have an MRI next week because I have a meeting tomorrow that I cant reschedule (one good thing about the US). Apparently more steroid injections are in my future with lots of reassessments. Next Friday I have an appt with my surgeon to go over the results and then we discuss surgery. Really a third surgery all because the first one was messed up? Seriously? Another surgery means my leg wasted and it took 2 years to build it back up and it is still not there. Another surgery means months of physical therapy not to mention no gym. I have been doing all my physical therapy and I work on my ankle all the time and still nadda.

So now I play the waiting game and good thing I am going to Hawaii where I wasn't going to drink but I think I am going to just checkout for 4 days.


  1. More surgery? You have got to be kidding me. I am so sorry. Sometimes you just can't win for trying.

    Enjoy Hawaii!! Maybe checking out is just the thing you need!

  2. Kudos for keeping up the gym as much as you could while sick. I had an evil chest cold for 7 weeks a couple winters ago... didn't want to stop working out and yeah, being that out of breath hurts and sucks a lot!

    Surgery sucks! So sorry to hear all your grief. You definitely deserve a break in Hawaii :) Come back refreshed and relaxed!