Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joining the Fun...

...and I mean fun in the loosest sense of the term!

After 3 kids in 3 1/2 years, I figure it's a good idea to start to lose the rest of the baby weight. I am up 15 lbs from where I am happiest. To be "fair" I only have 5 lbs of baby weight left to lose. The other 10 lbs I gained while eating my way through a stressful flooring project right before getting pregnant (again).

My goals are: 1- To run 5 km in under 35 min.
2- To lose 5 lbs of baby weight.
3 - To do 5 sets of 5 pushups in under 5 minutes.

Having the number 5 in all of my goals makes me happy. I am a sucker for that kind of thing!

So far I am on day 6 of torturing myself with Jillian. I am also not eating everything in sight after the kids go to bed, and I am trying to eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal. Which I am aware is basic good habits, but I have developed some seriously bad habits over the last 5 years of constant pregnancy or nursing.

My motivation is to not only fit into, but feel good wearing some new bikinis I bought. I have never worn a two piece that did not include a skirt or shorts. I figure if these guys can pull off a bikini bottom, so can I ;)


  1. High fives!!!

    I know, I'm hilarious.

    Glad you're on board!

  2. Awesome goals! Good luck with Jillian! We should have a bikini party when the challenge is over!