Monday, March 5, 2012

So then we were sick :(

Last week was a complete write off for me. We got the flu, and between my fever and cough, I could hardly muster the energy to go upstairs let alone workout.

But! I did manage to lose a half pound!

This week I am back on track, and have had my Jillian dates the last two days. It feels like I have started over. Before I was sick, I could do 5 sets of five 1/2 pushups (like only going down halfway) or 25 girl pushups in the minute of pushup hell during 30DS. Now, not so much. Boo. I will get it back!

Tonight is my first run. I am hoping to do 3 k with a 1 k option at the end. I will report back on my progress!

Oh and to further encourage myself, Rob and I are in a race to lose 5 pounds. I am going to win! (yay right but a girl can dream right?)


  1. It was the crazy week of sick! You, me, Lisa and Mel. The only saving grace is that it's hard to eat when you feel like you're going to die!

    Congrats on the 1/2lb weight loss! I wish my scale did decimal places!

    Oh! My new favourite running song is Shake Senora by Pitbull. Enjoy your run tonight!

  2. Yay 1/2lb down! I know how you feel about starting over! Good for you for being so enthusiastic!

  3. Yay half a pound!! That is so good with being sick. Hopefully you all fully recover quickly and the illness does not come back ever again!

    You are all doing the Jillian? Oi! I am not sure if I could handle her...but worth a try in the future!