Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 5: Weigh-in and Exercise

Last week: 33.6lbs
This week: 34.3lbs
Change: Up 0.7lbs

Boo. But, I was pretty much expecting this since last week I was down 2lbs. The overall trend is still going down, and I hit my lowest measurements of the challenge this week, woo!

March 12 - elliptical 4.83km, bench press, triceps extensions

March 13 - Jillian level 3 and level 1 (My thighs! Oh lord, my thighs!)

March 14 - lunges, 4.83km on the elliptical (the only reason I got so far was because I lowered the resistance a bunch - my thighs had no strength left), straight leg dead lifts

March 16 - 4.89km (I always go the farthest distance the day after a break day), calf raises, shrugs, shoulder presses, upright rows

March 17 - bent over rows, curls, bike riding (for realzies outside!) 19.2km (1h 14m)

March 18 - sit-ups, side bends, 20.1km bike riding (1h 8m)

This was a good week for exercise. Yay nice weather for bike riding! Although my thighs definitely needed a break today and my butt is soooo bruised!

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